Not a Republican or Democratic Agenda- But a Working Class Agenda in 2021

Workers in America have denounced Trump’s racist and violent attacks against communities of color, denounced his complicity in the deaths of more than 310,000 Americans to COVID-19, and denounced the growing impoverishment of working people.

Over thе last four yеаrs, Trump has succeeded in deepening the rift among working people, cultivating nаtivist sentiments and pitting one group against another, only to further weaken the unity of the working class, and as a result, enriching the top 1% while our health, working аnd living conditions continuе to plummet.

Biden has promised to heal the nation and unite Americans. But his current proposals to simply reverse Trump’s policies still ignores the real needs of the working class, and even harkens back to the same liberal policies that paved the way for the rise of Trumpism

To ignore the reasons why Trump came to power would have us entangled in a cycle of liberal and fascist policies, which both serve the ruling class. To simply blame white workers for the cause of our problems would strengthen the very divisions we denounce Trump for. To only accept crumbs or band-aids for different racial and identity groups would divert us from fighting together around our common cause as working people. 

The deterioration of the unity and conditions of the working class did not begin four years ago with Trump!

For 35 years, both the Democratic and Republican parties have endorsed the criminalization of black and immigrant workers. At a time when workers across racial divides were just beginning to unite and fight for better conditions, Reagan passed the employer sanctions provision of the Immigration Reform and Control Act that led to the criminalization and incarceration of undocumented workers, and pit them against other workers, particularly poor black workers, forcing them into a cycle of unemployment, underemployment, mass incarceration and poverty. While Democrats celebrate the slave-like labor of immigrants, Republicans instill racism and hate towards immigrants for stealing American jobs. These positions are merely two sides of the same coin that work together to push workers to blame one another for the problem and it lets off the hook the 1% that continue to profit from these divisions. 

Workers in America DO NOT want the same old rhetoric, the same old politics, the same old concessions, and a return to the status quo. And the only way we can prevent this from happening, and pave a new way forward to get the improvements in our working and living conditions that we all need, we must come together. And, if we truly want to unite workers in America, then that unity must start with a repeal of the very law that criminalizes and divides sections of the working class. WE, as working people must set our own agenda for this administration starting with the call to:

  1. Improve working conditions for ALL workers by: ensuring the equal rights of all workers to collectively organize and unionize; ending the criminalization and racist violence against communities of color; and repealing the employers sanctions provision of IRCA.
  2. Immediately address the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic by prioritizing thе hеаlth аnd economic well being of working pеoplе, expanding relief to ALL.