Any Immigration or Labor Reform Will Fail- Without Legislating Equal Rights for All Workers

Today, Republicans and Democrats quarrel over impeachment of the president while working people continue to struggle. And even as the presidential candidates campaign to unseat Trump, candidates still have not put forward a plan to end the divisions and hardship among working people, nor crafted a concrete vision to unify working people in this country […]

Working People’s mini-cast: Break the Chains, Pt II (w/ David Tieu)

Maximillian Alvarez, host of the Working People podcast presents part II of the mini-cast series on undocumented workers and the fight to repeal the employers’ sanctions provision of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (1986)  (in collaboration with the Break the Chains Alliance). Alvarez talks to David Tieu, a member of the International Brotherhood of […]

Working People Mini-cast: Break the Chains, Pt I (w/ Josephine Lee & Tosh Anderson)

Follow our mini-podcast series as we talk to Maximillian Alvarez, host of the Working People show, a podcast by, for, and about the working class today. In this episode- how so-called progressive reforms touted by the Democrats are deepening the divide between working people today. Listen here.

Break the Chains on WBAI Radio with Mimi Rosenberg

Carlos Rodgriguez, Josephine Lee, and Tosh Anderson on
Why We Need Equal Rights for All Workers

We need to stop arguing for the expansion of the modern-slave system

The NY Times article “Is Immigration at Its Limit” is proposing to maintain a system of slavery and an underclass of workers in our country. Instead of calling for the repeal of the law that criminalizes undocumented immigrants, the NY Times attempts to justify the expansion of an underclass of workers, promoting the myth a) […]

“Criminalizing undocumented workers will not stop people from hiring them. It only makes them more exploitable.”

Source: The Progressive: Workplace Raids Are Not the Answer “A third of a century with the Immigration Reform and Control Act’s employer sanctions should teach us one thing: criminalizing undocumented labor is not the answer. Labor abuses run rampant in the poultry industry, fueled by an economic system that is accountable only to the owners […]

Koch Foods undocumented poultry workers were actively recruited to be exploited- they were sexually harassed and hit on the job, then arrested for reporting abuses.

“By the 1990s, businesses began aggressively recruiting Latin American immigrants to fill their labor needs, luring them to rural Mississippi from places such as El Paso and Miami. One company, since acquired by Koch Foods, dubbed the campaign the “Hispanic Project,” which resulted in a 1,000 percent increase in Scott County’s Latino population, where two […]

“Low-Wage Legacies, Race, and the Golden Chicken in Mississippi: Where Contemporary Immigration Meets African American Labor History” by Angela Steusse

Angela Steusse traces the history of the Scott County, MS poultry industry in this article: 1950s: Only white workers worked in the plants. 1960s: As white workers sought better jobs and pay, black workers were integrated into the industry and given the worst jobs at a lower pay1970s-80s: Black workers organized into unions to fight for better […]

“As workplace raids multiply, Trump administration charges few companies”

The Washington Post article demonstrates the real purpose of the employers sanctions provision of the Immigration Reform and Control Act. It is NOT to deter immigration or the hiring of undocumented workers. The article reveals that Trump’s companies have consistently employed undocumented workers. Rather, the TRUE purpose is to strip undocumented workers of all their […]

“Criminalizing Immigrants Hurts All Workers as IRCA Turns 30” by Angela Steusse

“Nothing short of decriminalizing the employment of undocumented workers will encourage fair and transparent labor practices. You can help create workplaces in which labor rights are respected by supporting comprehensive immigration reform that decouples our country’s immigration and employment laws. This won’t just help immigrants; by eliminating the shadow economy that augments corporations’ undue power […]