Palermo Pizza Used the Employers’ Sanctions Law to Fire Immigrant Workers During Unionizing Drive

MILWAUKEE, WI — “On May 27, about 150 workers from Palermo’s Pizza factory here, representing three-fourths of its production workers, met to sign a petition saying they wanted to unionize. They say they gave the petition to management two days later. Around the same time, Palermo’s delivered letters to 89 immigrant workers, asking them to […]

Construction workers arrested for filing a workers compensation claim

Boston, MA- Jose Martin Paz Flores, fell from a work ladder, attempted to file for workers compensation, and was then arrested by I.C.E. Flores’ employer Tara Construction did not have workers’ compensation insurance at the time, demonstrating how unscrupulous employers will use employers’ sanctions to evade labor laws and force workers to work under unsafe […]

Day Laborer Lands in Immigration Detention After Requesting Wages

Winnetka, CA- Hector Nolasco faced deportation after his employer falsely reported him to the police to avoid paying him his wages. “Hector and a friend were hired to work for 5 hours. After working 7, they told their employer he’d have to pay them more if he wanted them to keep working. When he refused, […]

California Labor Commissioner reports more employers are using I.C.E. to prevent employers from reporting on workplace violations.

LA, California- “The deal the worker struck was simple: $150 a day to tile a bathroom and stucco the walls of a home in Arcadia. The pay was to come at the end of each day but never did, according to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court by the California labor commissioner. […]

Fresh Direct owners called I.C.E. to stop workers from unionizing

Queens, NY- In December of 2007, Fresh Direct delivery workers were only days away from voting to join a union when the owners called I.C.E. to prevent the effort. “The suspensions seemed to be an effort to thwart the union and that the company’s lawyers might have invited Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to scrutinize […]

Employers’ sanctions law allowed federal govt to go after whistle-blowers, not the employer who defrauded the govt

Queens, NY- When livery drivers working 80-90 hours/week for Yes Car Service demanded better working conditions, for their boss to pay them wages, the right to claim unemployment, stop intimidating and threatening them, and exposed their boss’ failure to pay taxes, federal agents charged whistleblowers with conspiracy and let the employer off the hook even […]

Divisions enforced unequal pay and treatment at Flor de Mayo Restaurant, NYC

NYC, NY- Chinese delivery drivers with papers earned $25/day and were told the door was open if they didn’t like the pay. Mexican bike delivery workers earned $15/ day working 12 hours, and were told the Chinese got more money because they had papers. If they didn’t like it, the boss told them he could […]

Saigon Grill Restaurant, NYC, employer uses employers’ sanctions to prevent workers from returning to work after organizing

NYC, NY-When 36 delivery workers successfully won the right to go back to work, after being fired and locked out of their workplace in retaliation for organizing, only 6 of the original 36 workers were able to return to work. Even though the boss continued to hire undocumented workers, those who organized could not return, […]